Human Resources Policy


At İşçimenler Group, we draw our strength from our employees, who are responsible, confident, open to innovation, add value, believe in quality service and care about the environment.


Our primary goals and policies:

  • To provide our company with employees who have a high level of education, are open to innovation and change, entrepreneurial, dynamic, result-oriented, and want to improve themselves and their work
  • To create a peaceful and professional working environment where our employees, the most important asset of our company, can develop both individually and professionally,
  • To benefit from our employees’ talents, strength and creativity to the greatest extent,
  • To provide employees with careers that match their skills and performance,
  • To create integrated human resource systems that facilitate and enrich business processes, and ensure return on investment in people by making existing systems more efficient,
  • To have result and performance-oriented teams by increasing employee motivation.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at At İşçimenler Group begins with the preparation of annual staffing plans. Staffing needs that may arise during the year are identified, taking into account promotions, appointments and organizational changes. The assessment is done according to the interview method with several levels (HR department, Head of the department, General Management) depending on the position.

Applicants are assessed on their technical knowledge, experience, personal characteristics and compatibility with our corporate culture, and references are checked in the final stage. Applicants who score positively on all assessments are offered a job and the recruitment process is carried out.

Applications from candidates who cannot be placed in a position are kept in the applicant database for one year in case of any future need, and applicants are kept in the loop.

Training and Development

In order to achieve the goals of our company, to ensure continuity of success and to increase employee satisfaction, the staff is given the opportunity to participate in training courses. Staff take part in internal and external training, meetings, fairs and promotional events.

Salary Management

The wages of İşçimenler Group employees are adjusted once a year according to the market wage survey, the inflation rate and the individual’s performance. Factors such as the position held by employees, education level, experience and foreign language skills are taken into account when drawing up pay scales.

Working Hours

Monday-Friday 07:30-17:30*

Working hours for employees in our factory may vary depending on factory dynamics.

Application Channels

To apply for a job in our company:

You can send your CV electronically to

You can follow open positions on ve Linkedin.



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