Quality Policy

Our company was established to design its own brand in the field of modular belt production and to carry out production, service and after-sales activities.


By implementing the Integrated Management System, we aim to fully comply with all legal regulations and exceed the expectations of our employees and customers by developing sustainable strategies for the future.


• We strictly comply with all legal requirements and ethical standards.

• We carry out continuous improvement and Kaizen studies to prevent waste.

• We aim to increase the quality of our products and our market share in the light of innovation and continuous development principles.

• We provide resources to encourage and further the development of our employees.

• With our customer-oriented quality approach, we make continuous improvement by carrying out effective processes in every unit of our company.

• We manage and develop all our business processes in a safe and sustainable manner.

• We prioritize the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases by carrying out our occupational health and safety services in accordance with legal regulations.

• We ensure environmental compliance to reduce natural resource consumption, prevent pollution and manage waste properly.

We strive to develop quality, ethical and sustainable business relationships with our employees, suppliers and all business partners. We aim for excellence in quality management by applying the Integrated Quality Management System and adhering to the principles of transparency, accuracy and continuous improvement.


Our company is committed to providing full support and resources to implement these principles at all levels.

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