Energy Policy

Our energy policy to achieve the sustainability goals of the Energy Management System, which is regularly reviewed, evaluated and continuously improved by the senior management in order to carry out production activities with all its employees by making energy improvements, without harming the nature and minimizing energy consumption;

To set and regularly review goals and targets to continuously improve energy efficiency; to prevent inefficient energy use,

To comply with national and international legislation and regulations on energy use, consumption and efficiency

To contribute to the development of employees by conducting training and internal communication activities to raise their awareness,

Set and regularly review goals and targets to continuously improve energy efficiency and prevent inefficient energy use,

Identify opportunities for energy reduction by ensuring efficient use of energy and information resources and analyzing energy consumption,

Continuously improve energy performance by measuring goals and targets and reporting results,

To support the use of renewable/alternative energy sources and contribute to sustainable development, By ensuring that our policy is understood and adopted by our employees and all our stakeholders, we are committed to carrying out activities to create and increase our stakeholders' awareness of responsibility in matters related to the consumption and efficient use of energy.


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