Our Enviromental Policy

At İşçimenler Group, the "Protect the Planet" component, one of the three main axes of our sustainability strategy "Care for Nex’’ within the scope of the scope; protecting the environment, managing resource use effectively and consciously, reducing the amount of waste reduction is our primary objective.

In order to continuously improve our environmental management system, reduce the environmental impact of our operations and increase Şişecam's environmental management performance;

Protecting natural resources, using resources efficiently, increasing recycling and recovery within the scope of zero waste approach to evaluate all risks and opportunities related to the environment with a life cycle approach in all our activities,

To take the necessary actions to achieve the goals and targets for environmental improvements and to review them periodically ,

We are committed to organizing training programs to instill environmental awareness and increase environmental responsibility in our employees.


Waste Policy

Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes generated at the factory are collected in temporary storage areas and then disposed of through licensed companies.

Air Quality Policy

By producing 40% of the energy we use during our operations from our solar panels with an installed power of 550 kWe, we reduce our carbon footprint and take steps for a cleaner environment.

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